Bring NineZero into your own Backyard

Sometimes I am asked, “where do I begin?” “How do I become apart of the NineZero Project?”

My first thought is your own backyard. That may mean literal – your neighbours or it may mean your family or friends or school.

My first suggestions is to throw a house party educating and promoting to your neighbourhood, friends, and family about NineZero.

  • Present NineZero’s FASTRAC (see our FASTRAC, how easy it is to present necessary information to those you know).
  • Bring in live bands
  • Brew NineZero Coffee with a Cause
  • Watch our videos
  • Watch movies clips of various movies that promote good example or poor ones to learn from.
  • As a group create videos for the NineZero YouTube site
  • Make T-shirts and Signs

Hosting is easy — all you need is a space to gather folks, a computer with speakers to play NineZero Videos, and a way to print materials.

It’s an exciting time of action, to rally people together to educate your friends and community and help make FASD a thing of the past.

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