Bring NineZero into your own Backyard – Part 2

A while ago I shared about having a House Party to have people over and share about the message of NineZero.

Here are some other things you can do in your own backyard.

  1. Get your local faith based groups aware and apart of the NineZero message.
  2.  Volunteer time at Arc Riverside, Inland Regional or other facilities that serve the intellectually disabled and/or physically disabled.
  3.  Share it with your local Middle School campuses.
  4.  Share it with your school board.
  5.  Share it with your PTSA.
  6.  Share it with other facilities that provide services to teens and youth.
    (a) Examples: YMCA, Youth Opportunity Centers, Community Centers, YWCA
  7.  Attend meetings with other local health officials and organizations.
  8. Attend local health fairs and expos
  9. Host informational booths
    (a) Provide brochures, rack cards and statistics
  10.  Host an experiential booth
    (a) Show videos created by NineZero, yourself, or others on You Tube that talk about FASD
    (b) Show the egg in alcohol effect
    (c) Teach about the volume of alcohol in relation to the size of the drink (slide #24 in the FASTRAC)
    (d) Get creative!
  11. 11. Post information, banners, and pictures on you’re My Space, Facebook, You Tube, etc. sites

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