NineZero Games Reflection

From a student attending the NineZero Games FASD Conference.

“Nine months, Zero alcohol was introduced to me as an option for 20 points extra credit. To my surprise the conference was very eye opening. I always felt that drinking alcohol during pregnancy should never be don, but after today I am armed with proof. At points during the conference I felt uncomfortable questioning myself ‘why am I sitting here among these woman?

How could they drink during pregnancy?

And then sit and cry about the effects it had on their children.

Well did I feel dumb only about an hour and a half later when it was brought to our attention that 95% of the women in there were parents of foster children.

Eye opening…

I thought to myself this is why I am here. I can do this. I was sent here not for 20 points, but to be an educator. I feel deep inside that I can help. So after the conference I approached a couple of speakers and received some info on how I can volunteer in my area…

Its only so many times in your life that your given the opportunities that can be life changing, and this was one.”

If we can continue to “open the eyes” of individuals to the see issue of FASD differently, to see the devastating ramifications of drinking alcohol during the nine months of pregnancy, and to see people with FASD with dignity and respect – then that is a good day.


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