Denial and FASD

I meet many young women who do not realise they are pregnant until the second or third trimester.

For some it is because of years of inconsistent menstrual cycles; however for most, it is the reality of denial.

Not wanting to admit that they are pregnant. Denial can lead to devastating affects for the growing baby.

After presenting in a high school teen mom class, a few students, soon to be mommies, began to cry.

They admitted to drinking alcohol and did not realise the devastating affects that it has on their baby.

It makes sense then to discuss the “signs” of pregnancy.

For me, it is tough to get across the message of FASD if students do not have enough background information about sex and pregnancy.

Most pregnancies are unplanned and its importance is great for the many young people I see day to day.

Knowing the sign and admitting to them is the first step.

This is by no means a “cure” or “prevention” to FASD.

Any form of alcohol consumed prior to knowing you are pregnant has done damage that is irreversible.

  1.  You may have vagina spotting or in more technical terms, “Implantation Bleeding.”
  2. You will likely need to urinate frequently.
  3. You may experience tenderness or soreness in your breasts.
  4. You may feel warm and actually have a temperature.
  5. Missing a period is a sign you should see a doctor and/or take a pregnancy test.
  6. You may feel fatigued and weak.

Our advice is if you are even thinking of getting pregnant, don’t drink. If you are sexually active, take every precaution to ensure that you won’t get pregnant.

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